Tech Time

January 23 @ 11:00AM – Have questions about using your tablet or mobile device? Need help downloading an e-book? Ask our tech your questions!


Teen LAB

January 25 @ 2:00PM – Grades 7-12. Promote library awareness. Suggest library materials. Help plan. Be a voice for teens at the library and in the community.


HLPL E-Books

January 26 @ 1:00PM – Discover how to access our e-book collection using your favorite e-reader, tablet, phone or computer.

Maker Club

February 1 @ 2:00PM – All Ages. Dream. Design. Build. Each session will have different ways to turn ideas into reality, share creativity, and learn by doing.

Family Tree

Genealogy Time

February 2 @ 1:00PM – Have questions on starting your genealogical research? Get help using free library resources, including Ancestry!


Android Basics

February 24 @ 2:00PM – ´╗┐´╗┐Learn the fundamentals of the Android operating system to unlock the potential of your smart phone or tablet.

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