Detecting Fake News

February 21 @ 6:00PM

Multiple TV and print news sources present competing facts, social media offers up-to-the-minute but often unreliable information, and web sources can be hard to verify.  Join us for a panel discussion with local news and information professionals on how to detect and avoid fake news.

  • Eric Hamp is the Publisher and Editor of the Houghton Lake Resorter, a local newspaper which has been printed in house since 1939.
  • Kimberly Young has been working as a librarian across the United States for the past 14 years.  She currently serves as the Library Director at the Houghton Lake Public Library.
  • Amy Robinson is a Michigan native and an award winning broadcast journalist with experience in television and radio.  She currently works as News Director for CMU Public Broadcasting in Mt Pleasant.
  • Timothy Boudreau has taught media law and other journalism courses since 2001 at Central Michigan University.  He worked as a reporter and editor for about 15 years and earned his doctorate at Southern Illinois University.

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